"I wanted to let you know I’m performing my freshman scenes today! And guess what I’m doing… Dance Nation!!!! I’m playing Zuzu again and even doing some of the monologue. I wanted to say thank you again for all your help, I learned so much and I’m so happy where I am right now. LaGuardia is one of the best things that happened to me :)"

— Beatrice R

"Dear Ezra, 
Thank you SO much ! Tal achieved his dream to get into Fiorello H. LaGuardia HS for Drama, and we owe it to you! With your guidance, in a year he went from nothing to auditioning for Netflix series: thanks to your experience, your psychology, your pedagogy, your availability, your professional AND personal "character building" right-on advice... He SO loved working with you! This will surely change his life - as you will follow, since he is coming back next year :-) Forever grateful to you, for going the extra mile..."

— Marie Sauvaitre

Dear Ezra, Thank you! I am so glad that I joined this acting class. You are not like any other teacher. You make us feel so comfortable and welcome. I really feel like I can just be myself around you. You taught me so much about acting. I love this class. Thank you for everything, Ezra, I hope you have a great summer!

— Halle

“I absolutely loved taking acting classes with Ezra. He really helped me to master the art of a monologue and I gained heaps of confidence with him as my teacher. I especially liked improvisation because it gave me a chance to be somewhat silly while still acting.  I would recommend his classes very highly, as they were my favourite way to spend time after school because I could both unwind and work on my craft.”

— Annie Bromberg

“Ezra made it possible for my kids to get into the Performing Arts High Schools of their choice! He is warm, caring and a great teacher. The kids loved working with him and learned a lot in a few weeks. If you are auditioning for NYC Public schools in the fall, Ezra is a must!”

— Liv Svirchev

“I just wanted to email you about what happened with my high school auditions and acceptance letter. I used “Antigone” for all of my auditions and for some I did “Antigone” and “Company.” I was nervous but I did my best. I wanted to thank you so much for helping me find monologues and for giving me lots of helpful tips and reminders. I got accepted to Talented Unlimited for Drama thanks to your help and my work!”

 — Lola Von Hoffman

“Jonah came to Ezra to prepare for his audition. Ezra gave him great monologues and coached him. Jonah had a great time and was accepted at La Guardia.”

— Judith Wolff

“The workshop awakens children to all kinds of possibilities within themselves. I see the children in the
class developing greater confidence and a deepening comfort with themselves and others.”

— Shira Nayman, Julianna’s mother

“Ezra Barnes encouraged my son Kevin and has really brought out Kevin's acting skills. Ezra worked with Kevin and encouraged him for his high school auditions and now Kevin is in the school of his choice. There has been a significant improvement in Kevin's acting ability as well as his self -confidence. He is no longer shy but is quite the actor now... so I strongly recommend the Actor's Workshop for any inspiring actors or actresses.”

— Pat Crupi

“Clare was talking about the incredible confidence she gained in working with you. She has a presence about her, a comfort with people (both new and familiar) that I really attribute to her classes with you.”

— Kate Rock

“I was so impressed with the training provided by Mr. Barnes’ workshop for young actors that I hired him to privately prepare my daughter for her college auditions. Not only did she get accepted to the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, she was accepted on a merit scholarship based solely on her audition performance! I should also mention that my daughter was painfully shy but learned to work through it. The Young Actor's Workshop provided her with a safe and supportive environment to grow as a person as well as develop as an actor. Mr. Barnes is a sensitive, talented director, actor and teacher. I highly recommend the program to all parents, even if your child has no intention of becoming a performer. Every child can benefit from the opportunity to discover his or her true self in a fun, safe and supportive environment. Mr. Barnes is a gift to our community.”

— Mother to Silvana Carranza

“Ezra: We've just come back from the 4th grade musical at BNS. Malach recited a poem with such emotion, such projection and confidence that he really stood out. They kept coming up to him to congratulate him. I know this has a lot to do with his classes with you and I wanted to tell you that I am so happy that he's into these theatre sessions. He said today - I can't wait for next class. He never says this about anything.
Thank you for getting him engaged. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I hope he sticks with acting for years to come. ”

— Karni Dorell

“We are huge fans of Ezra Barnes and the Young Actor's Workshop. Both my wife and I feel that our son Isaac has grown enormously as a result of his work with Ezra. He has allowed himself to do the serious work of an actor without worrying about "performing" for an audience. We found his monologue work in this class to be filled with subtle nuance and detail and his work as Peter Pan to be very connected to the girl playing Wendy and surprisingly free of any tendency to want to play a typical Peter Pan. Ezra is extremely enthusiastic as a director and Isaac feels very supported by him. He is able to confide in Ezra feelings that arise in the course of doing the work with the confidence that Ezra will hear him in the right way and provide guidance. Isaac looks forward to this class on Monday nights and we understand why.”

— Sincerely, Richard and Sally Mann